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Licensed Clinical Social Work Psychotherapist

Individual, Couple, Family Therapy


In general, my fee is $100 per hour. I charge for my time, not the number of people in the meeting. Health insurance may cover all or part of the fee. More info here.



Per hour



Per hour + travel & expenses

This may very depending on the type of speaking engagement, the amount of preparation involved, and the number of people attending.


I accept most third party and HMO insurance. Due to contracts I have with these third party insurance plans, the fee may vary slightly. Different insurance plans have different co-pays, and deductibles. To find out deductibles and co-pays on your mental health benefit, call your insurance provider. I encourage my clients who plan on using their insurance to contact their insurance carrier to find out what mental health benefits they may have, and what co-pays and requirements apply.

I work for my clients and not for the insurance company. In recent years, most managed care companies have placed restrictions on the use of mental health benefits only for crisis services and only when the client has serious symptoms of psychiatric illness. I do not like to pathologize my clients to make them eligible for benefits. I believe that this often makes problems worse instead of better. Clients should realize that if they choose to use their insurance to pay for therapy, I must give them a psychiatric diagnosis and provide information to their insurance company to justify the insurance company's payment for the service as "medically necessary".

Client Confidentiality

Confidentiality is rigorously maintained at all times. I will only share information with the client's written consent. When appropriate and only with the client's written consent, I am willing to coordinate services with schools, physicians, attorneys, clergy people, and anyone else with whom the client believes it would be helpful.


To maintain rigorous confidentiality, clients may wish to pay for the service out of their own pocket or through their Flex plan rather than to use their insurance. Psychotherapy is a tax deductible service if you meet the other IRS requirements for a medical deduction.


I do some pro bono charity work in which I waive my fee entirely. I do not offer a sliding fee scale. There are limited slots available for pro bono work. If you would like to apply for such a slot, please let me know.


Payment plans are available where clients can pay only part of their fee and carry a balance until it is paid off in monthly installments.

Missed Appointments

I do not charge for missed appointments, but I do request 48 hours notice of cancellation except in the case of emergency. If someone has two missed appointments without 48 hours notice, I require an $100.00 deposit at the time of scheduling the next visit.

Non-Profit Groups

 For certain nonprofit groups and churches I may waive my fee as I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve community groups.

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